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The FLOVIAL process is the physical interaction of natural engaging agents from organic roots, plants, flowers and fruits that promote a healthy blood flow throughout the face, hands and body, visibly tightening skin, and deep cleaning throughout, destroying, inhibiting, and suppressing the growth of microorganisms which are cause of skin problems.

FLOVIAL's nourishing & refreshing body lotions are thoughtfully crafted with natural & premium ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa butter. They make your skin soft, smooth and most of all splendidly moisturized & protected all day. 

All FLOVIAL's lotions are all-natural, all organic, all around cleansing lotions with nutrients that not only moisturize but promote blood flow throughout the face, hands and whole body.

All FLOVIAL lotions are Free of Toxins, Additives, Parabens, Colorants & Fragrance

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  • FLOVIAL Rose Hip & Geranium Lotion
    8 oz Amber PET Boston Rounds w/ Black Lotion Pumps
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