Chelsea's Melt & Stir Lotion Making Instructions



        Emulsifying Wax                       Distilled Water

       Aloe Vera                                    Intensive Skin Care Tincture

       4 Vitamin E caplets                   Essential Oil (Optional)                                             


Double Boiler or Microwave | Large Measuring Cup |

Mixing Microwave Safe Bowl (included) or Metal Container for double Boiler option | Stick Submersible Mixer | Spatula Wooden | Mixing Stick (included)


Step 1

Get all of your supplies together, separate ingredients and put aside the Emulsifying Wax, Aloe Vera, one of the two 8 oz Clear Heavy Wall Jars with Distilled Water and one of the four 1 oz Intensive Skin Care Tincture and empty into either one of the following options: 

  • Double Boiler - Place ingredients into the double boiler and heat slowly until Emulsifying Wax melts. We recommend this method as it is easier to control the temperature of the Emulsifying Wax. This method takes a bit more time.
  • Microwave - Place ingredients into included bowl and microwave for 20 – 30 seconds at a time. Microwave until Emulsifying Wax starts melting. This is the fastest and easiest method, but you must watch it making sure you don’t overheat it, remember to avoid boiling.

Stir firmly during the Emulsifying Wax melting process and try to avoid overheating. Once the Emulsifying Wax starts to melt you can stir with supplied wooden stick and if the content is hot enough the wax will slowly disappear. It’s important to NOT LET THE INGREDIENTS BOIL OR IT WILL RUIN THE BATCH.

Step 2

Adding remaining ingredients – Once the Emulsifying Wax is melted or is almost melted, empty content into a large measuring cup and slowly add the rest of the Distill Water from the other 8 oz Clear Heavy Wall Jar, and the other three 1 oz Intensive Skin Care Tincture to the mix. Stir the mix firmly so that the Emulsifying Wax and Aloe Vera are evenly distributed. If after a couple of minutes, the mix is not thickening a Submersible Mixer or Stick Blender will help accelerate the thickening process, and it is recommended.

Step 3

Adding Essential Oil - Remove mixture from heat. Remember a little goes a long way! For the two 8 oz Clear Heavy Wall Jars of lotion, 10 ml will be more than plenty for most people. However, this is a personal decision and remember some people have more sensitive skin so add a little at a time until you reach what feels good. We suggest using the pipette that is included in your kit to carefully add the essential oil. Essential oils vary in smell, so apply what smells best to you. Each pipette holds 1/4oz.  You may add the vitamin E oil capsules provided in your kit. Simply puncture them and squeeze the vitamin E oil in the lotion base and stir firmly or use the submersible mixer. Once you are done you can add more vitamin E and/or essential oil if so desired, just make sure you mix it well.

Step 4

Wrapping up –Pour the melted and thickened lotion into the two 8 oz Clear Heavy Wall Jars. Any air bubble will rise to the top, to remove air bubbles, smooth them off with the wooden stick once you are finished pouring. Let the lotion cool down if still warm. Once cool it is ready to use.


We hope you enjoyed the experience!!


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